As experts in cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques, we specialize in rebuilding dental functionality and appearance by offering high-quality crowns and bridges. After several years of serving the community of Somerdale, we have become a trusted source of dental prosthetics of all types, including crowns and bridges.

Focusing on the provision of individualized dental care, we are able to offer quick and affordable rates for all of our services. Created with the highest quality materials, including porcelain, our teeth restoration options are meant to last for years.

Dental bridges are intended to act as a filler between natural teeth, covering gaps with artificial teeth that are indistinguishable from others. Custom-fit to your mouth, dental bridges often require the filing down of adjacent teeth for perfect placement. They help to restore your smile while maintaining the shape of your face. They also help prevent your natural teeth from drifting out of their correct position while restoring your smile and ability to chew and speak.

Crowns actually protect the functionality and strength of an existing tooth. Custom made to each tooth, the cap covers the natural tooth, from the top surface to the gum line. They are used for both medical and cosmetic purposes, creating a strong surface that is matched to your natural teeth.

Constructed to last for years, and easy to place, dental crowns relieve the symptoms of extensive decay or infection. They also provide a durable surface, protecting a tooth that has been damaged by breakages such as chips or cracks.

Find out if crowns or bridges are right for you by scheduling your personal oral health consultation with our office now.