As dentists, we do all we possibly can to save a damaged or decayed tooth. With today’s innovations in dental materials and techniques, we’re able to save more teeth than ever before, however, there are instances where extraction is the best option. When the removal of a tooth is necessary to patient comfort and dental health, we complete the process with compassion and care, striving to make the procedure as pain-free and quick as possible.

Thanks to cutting-edge advances in dentistry, there are just a few instances where tooth removal is necessary. These include:

Defective Baby Teeth — In children, extractions are almost only recommended when a baby tooth is prohibiting the growth of a healthy, permanent tooth or threatening the health of surrounding teeth.

Extensive Damage or Decay — If the costs or processes are too exorbitant to justify restorative dental services, extraction is often recommended. Complete removal of the affected tooth is meant to both relieve pain and protect the long-term oral health of the patient.

Misaligned Wisdom Teeth —The most common need for tooth extraction is the growth of molars. Because the jaw often does not have the room required for additional molars, it becomes imperative to overall oral structure and health to have those misaligned teeth removed.

If you believe that extraction is the right option for you, contact our patient care team now. We’ll complete a full dental exam in order to assess whether keeping your teeth is possible.