If you’ve been following our blog, you already know the benefits and drawbacks of traditional braces. At White Horse Pike Family Dentistry, we provide comprehensive plans that suit the specific needs of each of our patients, so we strongly encourage them to consider all the teeth straightening options available to them before making such an important decision. So, without further ado, here are the main pros and cons of our Invisalign® retainers.



Invisalign is a newer teeth straightening technology and has gained popularity among older generations due to its subtlety. In addition to being nearly invisible, invisalign retainers can easily be removed for eating and flossing, and are considered more comfortable than braces because they are fitted to the wearer’s gums, not just the teeth. If comfort and subtlety are your main priorities, as is the case for many adults, Invisalign can be a great choice.

When worn for the appropriate amount of time, which is 22-24 hours per day, Invisalign is often just as effective as braces and can even take less time to straighten your teeth. But, as with any other dental treatment, the effectiveness of Invisalign depends on the maneuverability of each individual’s teeth and constant self-discipline. If you are diligent about wearing your retainer all hours of the day and maintain good oral hygiene, which includes taking out your retainer to eat, drink, and clean your teeth, you can expect to see results in six to 18 months.


While Invisalign is typically more subtle and comfortable, it also tends to be more expensive and requires a great deal of wearer accountability. As previously mentioned, Invisalign retainers are easy to remove, which makes it tempting for people not to wear them for 22-24 hour periods and ends up increasing the time it takes for their teeth to straighten. Since they are in the form of retainers, or trays, the wearer is required to remove them before brushing, flossing, eating or drinking anything other than water, which makes them somewhat of a high-maintenance option. This is partly why many parents of kids and teenagers opt for traditional braces; they guarantee consistency and effectiveness because they cannot be taken off by anyone other than their orthodontist.

Given that it is a newer technology that provides the wearer with timely results, Invisalign can get pricey and is often not an option for families due to its cost. At White Horse Pike Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on making Invisalign an affordable option for local families by developing customized financing and payment options that cater to their specific needs. All we need from you is communication and honesty. See if you qualify for CareCredit and are ready to pursue Invisalign today!

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Despite the downsides of Invisalign, it can be a viable option for those who have the self-discipline to wear their retainers for at least 22 hours every day and remember to take them out before eating, drinking, and cleaning their teeth. If you or someone in your family is interested in pursuing Invisalign as their chosen method of teeth straightening, give us a call today and we’ll schedule a consultation to get you on track to a perfect smile!