Just mention “root canal” and many people will grimace with distaste and revulsion; which, to dentists, is just unwarranted. Though root canal therapy is often one of the most feared dental procedures, they are also one of the most misunderstood, getting a bad rap in the dental community. Alleviating the extreme pain of an infected tooth, root canals are actually nothing to be afraid of.

First, your dentist will create a small hole in the crown of the infected tooth and clear out the infection in the pulpy center of the tooth. A rubber-like material is then inserted into the space that the pulp once occupied. A temporary filling and a temporary crown are placed. This procedure is meant to alleviate the pain that infections are known to cause. After a short amount of time, your tooth should be healed enough for the dentist to recommend either a permanent filling or crown in order to restore your tooth’s full functionality.

Because untreated infections can cause extreme irritation to the nerves of the tooth and further tooth decays, it is imperative that you receive dental care as soon as possible. As specialists, we provide high-quality, emergency root canals for patients at our Somerdale clinic. Stop suffering from the pain of a toothache and schedule your appointment now. We promise high-quality yet affordable care delivered by a compassionate and caring staff.